South Dakota vs The Brick

The Brick went 3 out of 14. She started out hot getting 3 bricks right off the bat, including a beautiful air ball by Trey Burch-Manning. For Trey’s second free throw UnKle Markie put down the Brick and yelled out a taunt of “Oh wow, we don’t even need to use the Brick because you can’t even get to the rim!!!”. Well, Trey made his 2nd free throw and the South Dakotans made the rest of their free throws in the 1st half. That’s the very first time Markie has ever set the Brick down during a free throw and he has learned his lesson about the repercussions of not utilizing the Brick…he sincerely apologizes to the Buffs and will be writing Tad Boyle an apology letter.

This season the Buffs have been offensive nightmares for their opponents. Including in this big 82-58 win.

Here we have Alyssa and on the right is Dara reenacting her ingenious Brick technique:

Colorado State vs The Brick

The Brick went 4 out of 5 in the Buff’s 86-80 ramming of the Rams. The Brick looooved going 80% against the Buff’s rival. Like really, like even though she’s like not a valley girl at all she like really likes to boast about bricks she may or may not have directly caused against CSU.

During a timeout in the 2nd half Brian, Julia, Brick Baby, and Brick Baby 2.0 were honored on the jumbo tron as the “Fans of the game”!!!

Kaltrina from Kosovo rooting on the Buffs:

The Daily Camera showing the Brick Family doing their thang:

Portland vs The Brick

The Brick went 1 out of 5 in this Buff’s 93-69 win. The high scoring Buffs have been fun to watch!

Portland’s Josh McSwiggan heard UnKle Markie holler at him during his baseline jumper. After he (sadly) made the shot he proceeded to be a poser by turning towards Markie to give him a ‘I’m fronting you’ look.  After that recognition the Brick Family and friends spent the rest of the game heckling him. Poor Josh just couldn’t keep up with the Buffs…

The new “BRICK!” scarf scored a huuuge brick on its first usage. It also landed a jumbo tron on its debut:

Mad, mad, mad props to Kellie who is the “BRICK!” scarf creator:

Connor rocking the Brick. He also got on the jumbo tron!

Drake vs The Brick

The Buffs hit the Century Mark in their 100-71 victory over those Iowa boys over at Drake (whose music is horrible). The Brick went 3 out of 6. So far this season, between the men’s and women’s games, she is at 7 out of 11 which she is ecstatic about. Talk about bragging rights…

Anna, Sri, and Ben showing us how to share the Brick:

Sri showing us how to go Brick-Head:

What’s this for?

Colorado School of Mines vs The Brick

In this exhibition game the Buffs beat those smarty pants 66-57 and the Brick went 2 out of 3. She loves it when she goes above a .500 ratio.

Kellie rocking the Brick. She scored a massive brick on her first attempt!

Brick Baby having fun with a Buffs scarf crocheted by Kellie. Awesome craftsmanship Kellie!

Like sister like brother like father:

Who’s under there??

This is a shot of UnKle Markie being upset that the Brick sat the 2nd half underneath a chair…:( 🙁 🙁