Utah vs The Brick

W, 67-55

There were no Utah free throws in the 1st half. The Brick haaaates this. She gets super razzled when she is not given any opportunity to help out the Buffs. She was so upset that we had to take emergency therapeutic action at halftime to calm her down.

Plus, no free throws meant that our poster supporting season-ending injured Tory Miller to come back next year didn’t get to be highlighted during a bricked free throw. Krystal and MarQus:

Photos from all over the place:

Washington State vs The Brick

W, 82-73

Zero free throws occurred in the 1st half. The Brick gets quite testy after she’s gotten all jacked up for a game and then finds herself to not being needed. She’ll recover and be OK in a few days…

Dallas Walton’s dad came down to share his love of the Brick Baby. Thanks Matt!!

Brick Baby 2.0 in the process of getting to know Chip:


Jon threatening to spill beer into The Brick:

The Brick Baby is looking devious in this photo. What’s she up to?