Arizona vs The Brick

W, 80-77

The Brick went 2 out of 10.

How about back-to-back take-downs of top 15 ranked teams? Yup, that’s what the Buffs rocked.

Just after beating 4th ranked ASU, the Buffs handedly took down the 14th ranked Arizona. That was a pretty good gift from Tad Boyle’s players to him for his birthday!

Yet again, the CU students broke through security and rushed the court to celebrate the fun win. Some of you may recall, that it was Arizona’s coach, King Dooshbag Sean Miller, who whined so hard after we upset his team that he got rushing the court banned by the NCAA. Well, there was nothing better than watching the students rush past him and his bench to celebrate beating his team again.


Arizona State vs The Brick

W, 90-81, overtime

The Brick went 0 out of 3. Well, the Buffs didn’t need any help with this enormous win. The Buffs took down 4th ranked ASU.

The Wright Brothers, Namon an McKinley, each chalked up 19 points each.

The “orange coats” security didn’t hold up their line as the CU students broke through their measly security and bum rushed the court. Heck yeah, students!!!

San Diego vs The Brick

L, 59-69

The Brick went 2 out of 6.

Brick Chick interrogating Chip to see if he has a ticket:

Brick Chick showing that she has a ticket. Chip never came forth with his. The Brick Chick loves Chip more than anything, but nevertheless she has instigated an investigation over the matter of Chip never having purchased a ticket.

POPS, Greydon, and Melanie:

She caught a T-Shirt!

Colorado School of Mines vs The Brick

We warmly welcome the debut of Brick Baby 2.0 aka Brick Boy!!! 🙂 !!! 🙂 !!! 🙂

It only took his second free throw on the job to amass his mini-might to cause a major brick! (He had decided before the game that he’d honor the spirit of the sport of basketball by allowing the first free throw to drop….he was born with good sportsmanship….but henceforth will show no mercy).

The Brick family went 2 out of 10 during the Buff’s 78-52 win over those smarty pants over at the School of Mines.

Mum, Brick Baby 2.0 (Brick Boy), Daddy-O, Brick Baby (Brick Chick):

The Brick vs Utah

L, 81-86

Collier was clutch with only a few minutes left in the game when he got fouled on a 3 point attempt, smoothly cashing all 3 free throws. Alas, it wasn’t enough. And Derrick White banged out a rockin’ 31 points.

The Brick was feeling confident coming into the night, as she had just had a glorious and relaxing day at the spa, really putting her head into the game, But only went 1 out of 4.

Auntie Amy and TayTay. The ref handed TayTay the basketball!

The Brick vs Oregon

The Buffs upset the 10th ranked roasted Ducks. This wasn’t a fluke – it was a sold win. W, 74-65

Technically the brick went 1 out of 2. But there was a lane violation where he missed that free throw – so let’s just say the brick went a awesome 2 out of 3.

Opinion: CU’s fight against field/court storming examined


Bricksta Britt:

Mike, Brodie, Carolina, and Melinda. Note pops in the background chilling like a villain.

Students rushed the court, not caring about the court rushing fine that the university will get. In your face Arizona coach…


The Brick vs Oregon State

W, 85-78

The Brick went 0 out of 3. She was pissed and didn’t get much sleep that night.

1st win in the division this season. We can only go up! Thank lordiness since the smelly, wet Beavers have only won 4 games so far this year.

Yay, the Brick caught a silver ball – but was then courteous and gave it to a boy in the crowd

Jack scores a silver ball too:

Kevster, Mark, and Larry:

The Brick vs USC

The Brick went an impressive 5 out of 12.

This was a heartbreaking 71-68 loss. Late in the game, due to the possession clock nearing zero, Xavier was forced to toss up a defended, awkward, super long 3 pointer to take the lead. Cashed!

Johnson came through yet again with a 3-pointer at the shot clock buzzer to give CU a 68-67 lead with 43.1 seconds left, but the Trojans’ Chimezie Metu immediately answered to put USC back in front. Two free throws from Elijah Stewart with 12.4 seconds left pushed the Trojans’ lead to 71-68, and King’s desperate attempt at a tying 3-pointer at the buzzer went awry.

Lynnsey. She put up a more-than-impressive 2 out of 2 bricks initially for her first Brick propping.

Cutzie tootzie nephews rocking the Baby Bricks. We’ll let it slide that they’re all wearing KU colors:

Sista Sawa and Tata:

The Brick vs UCLA

L, 89-104
Only down by 6 at the half against 4th ranked UCLA, the Buffs couldn’t hold off their barrage of 3 pointers. While The Brick and the return of the Brick Baby Fathead scored a super hard brick on the first one, The Brick ended up going 1 out of 7. Enuff said….

Pre-game photo of lit-up Brick Baby fathead by Ben Jammin:


This 9 pm game is waaay past the Brick Baby’s bedtime, so her fathead had to be her replacement:

Ben and Erica



The Brick vs Wyoming

L, 75-82
The 10-0 undefeated womens Buffs, ranked 15th in the nation, couldn’t take down the CowGirls. While the Brick went 4 out of 6, including making one of their players miss 2 out of 3 when fouled shooting a 3 pointer….Wyoming took the win with their 17 out of 17 free throws made in the 2nd half? Can someone say that the Brick and Brick Chick needed to be on the other end in the 2nd half???


The Brick vs Fort Hays State

W, 81-71
The Brick went 1 out of 6
Unkle Markie and friend Stephen might have gone a little overboard yelling at their #35 (Reed,Lake) for swatting one of our players way too hard in the closing minute of the game. He did this twice. “Screw you 35!!” and “Do you think your all hard 35?!” What a stupid name….

Stephen and Laura

The Brick vs Xavier

W, 68-66
The Buffs take the 13th ranked team down.
The Brick has come out of therapy from the CSU game and returned with a vengeance. She started the night off with 3 biiiig bricks, one hitting the back of the iron and skyrocketing above the backboard, the other two were nasty shanks to the right of the rim. And CU won by 2 points…..hmm, a victory due to the Brick? You do the math!
The Brick went 3 out of 5
White showed up big……Xavier got 18 points. Xavier defeated Xavier!
White finished with 23 points and six rebounds, Johnson had 18 points and seven rebounds and King recorded his third double-double in the last six games, a 16-point 10-rebound effort.
Hannah and John Rice showing how to handle the Brick.

Mateusz was Kevin’s friend

The Brick vs Louisiana-Monroe

Win, 89-70
Mark, Wojciech, Joanna. Andrew.
The Brick went a stellar 6 out of 11, with the help of Polish Wojciech scored 2 out of 2 bricks. You’re welcome back to America anytime! Sorry Mark from Germany, your performance was subpar. AndDrew nailed one Brick. Joanna gets to take home a silver ball back to Poland. Warhawks? They should be called BrickHawks.
Bryce Peters made his blond hair debute and played great. nine points from true freshmen Bryce Peters and Deleon Brown.



The Brick vs Seattle

Win 67 – 55

The Brick went 2 out of 8


This wasn’t a pretty win, but the Buffs had a dominating 55-35 edge on the boards. The highlight was Wesley Gordon had his 11th career double-double, a 14-rebound, 11-point effort.

The CU football team is ranked 10th in the nation! Let’s get our Buffs ranked in Bball too!

All happy with her CU blankie:

The Brick vs Sacramento State

Win 90 – 53
Happy birthday to sisa Avalanche Amy! It seems that Xavier Johnson changed his jersey number from 2 to be 11 to help celebrate her bday.
Brick went 5 out of 9.
CU shoots 61.9 percent from 3-point range, 53.3 percent overall
The Brick and Brick Baby had obviously been training hard in the off season, proven by this excellent home opener performance.
The Brick Baby gave a warm (babyish?) welcome to White who started. CU took a 3-0 lead on Derrick White’s trey – the first field goal attempt of his Buffs career.


Arizona’s Coach vs The Brick

Arizona’s coach is a douchebag. Outlined in this article titled “Court-storming a party whose time has passed” is about how

Arizona coach’s whining after Colorado upset them last year when the fans rushed the court led to the lame decision of the Pac-12 CEO group to ban court storming (and football field rushing) by fining the host school if a court is rushed in the next season.

“This past season Arizona coach Sean Miller was vocal on the subject, and not for the first time, following the incident-free emptying of the CU student section immediately after the Buffs’ victory against the ninth-ranked Wildcats.”

Miller is a sappy, poor loser. I wonder how much his players whined in the lockerroom after that loss to CU. Maybe only Miller was crying like a baby….

The first offense will fine CU $25,000 followed by fines of $50,000 and $100,000 for subsequent infractions. I say let’s forward the bill to hoser Miller.

“CU coach Tad Boyle hasn’t wavered in his belief that court-storming is a significant and memorable idiosyncrasy of the college game.” Yeah, Tad!! The Brick will forever miss diving in with the students after a big win.


Here is the dooosh:

Arizona State vs The Brick

Talk about leading the game the whole way and ending up with a 79-69 win. The Buffs season closer closed out ASU with the briiiiiicking fabulous assistance of The Brick who went 5 out of 9. Anytime she goes over 500 she celebrates with a bottle of Cook’s champagne. The 21-9 Buffs just gave themselves a boost towards the mad goal of earning a March Madness berth. Goodbye to Eli Stalzer! We will miss your senior season beard.

Tara showing the duckies on Colorado’s campus how to operate The Brick:


1st row on the left we have primed up Polish visitors Kamila, Magda, and Magda rooting on the Buffs. Maybe they will rapidly spread Buffs’ love in their homeland:


Here is a massive round of the Brick Baby as it is the end of her 2nd season. Will she have to be called the Brick Toddler next year? I think not. She’ll be the Brick Baby for life. I hope she doesn’t mind when she’s 16…

buffs-brick-brick-baby-chip-n-it buffs-brick-brick-baby-mommy buffs-brick-brick-baby-parents-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pointing buffs-brick-brick-baby-say-what buffs-brick-brick-baby-sitting-with-mom buffs-brick-brick-baby-smiling-again buffs-brick-brick-baby-so-cute buffs-brick-brick-baby-standing buffs-brick-brick-baby-with-grandparents

Arizona vs The Brick

9th ranked AZ played great tonight, yet sadly for them the Buffs outplayed them. Our herd trampled over them to a 75-72 victory. Whiner Sean Miller got to watch how his team simply couldn’t stop Scott, as he finished with a season-high 26 points. The Buffs didn’t even need the help of The Brick as she only went 2 out of 9.

Yeah, a court storming! Which is what big cry baby Mr Miller complained about. (Click on image to enlarge)


Our new friend Lindsey is a Development Associate in the athletics department and she approached the Brick Baby parentals to see if they’d like to support the Legacy Brick campaign by starring the Brick Baby in the promo video. Click here to secure your spot in the legacy! Here’s what played on the jumbotron:

Meet Dan The Man, who happened to be the Dance-Off winner:


POPS soaking up the big win:


Daily Camera printscreens. Click on to see their captions!

buffs-brick-brick-baby-AZ-josh-scott buffs-brick-brick-baby-strip-tease


Washington vs The Brick

The Buffs were up by 4 late in the game when Fortune snagged the ball on the floor, at which point the retarded refs called a BS traveling call. Next thing you know Washington scores a 3 and they are right back in it, yet the Buffs pulled out a victory by one point at 81-80. The Brick went 4 out of 10.

Sister Avalanche Amy caring, caring, and caring:


Who in the world is this???

buffs-brick-brick-baby-closeup buffs-brick-brick-baby-holding-brick buffs-brick-brick-baby-who-is-thatttt

An attempt to give away one of the stupid Honey Smoked Salmon shirts since they have nothing to do with the Colorado Buffs on them:


Washington State vs The Brick

The first “highlight” of the night came with George King’s high octave scream when he thought he had thrown a long baseline pass away too high, but it was brought down by Fortune. Later on King cashed a fadeaway 3 pointer that tied it up to send them into the 3rd overtime. He could’ve screamed again after making that difficult shot. The Buffs went on to win in an utterly exciting fashion at 88-81. The Brick went 3 out of 8.

Uncle Kevster’s friend Jeff was out-n-about to rip up some bricks:


Brick Baby pajamas theme:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-3 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-4

Boy can that girl dunk. Future Buffs basketball playa here!


Womens Utah vs The Brick

The ladies lost 76-68 even with a great performance by Jamee Swan who came up with 24 points. The Brick went a (red with white stripes) piss poor job by going 0 out of 4. Maybe if she had performed better the women would’ve won. She plans on working out and meditating more for the next game.

UnKle Markie is very deluded as he thinks that Lauren Huggins is his girlfriend. We are seeking professional help ASAP.

buffs-brick-brick-baby-womens-utah buffs-brick-brick-baby-womens-utah-2

Someone has her very own license plate:


California vs The Brick

The CREATOR of The Brick blessed us with his presence this afternoon!!! His vintage brick-inhibiting style helped boost the Buffs to a 70-62 win. After starting out with a nightmarish 1 out of 19 from the field, the Buffs pulled themselves together in Dream Team fashion. The Brick went 3 out of 9.

Davis was the inspirational CREATOR of The Brick. He is the youngest sibling of The Brick family who flew in from out of town. He is the one that painted this cardboard box back in the grandparent’s garage in 2003:

20160131_155346 20160131_165255

Brick Baby promo video to be blasted on the jumbotron in a future game to push the sale of legacy bricks:

20160131_171649 20160131_171859 20160131_171706

Stanford vs The Brick

Hotness tonight with a big 91-75 win. The Brick went a brickin’ 6 out of 13 and the Brick Baby earned her first “Air Brick” from the Standford Tree’s Michael Humphrey. It can’t feel good when you fall inches short from the rim on a wide open free throw. Daha. A pack of kids got to each hold up The Brick. They must be eating their Wheaties because they lifted it up like it was light as a feather. Fortune (21 points) and King (23 points) charged the way for the Buffs. This duo appear to enjoy a lot of simultaneously great nights. Tory Miller helped a lot by putting down 12 points.

Addie & Mike reppin’ it up:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-mike-and-addie-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-mike-and-addie-2

Nowadays the Brick Baby says “Go Buffs” on a daily basis:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-air-horn buffs-brick-brick-baby-big-fam-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-buff-stuffed-animal buffs-brick-brick-baby-thumb

Womens Oregon State vs The Brick

Even though early in the fourth quarter Haley Smith’s dope cash money bucket pulled the Buffs to within 6 points, the women suffered a loss tonight at 61-47 against the 8th ranked Beavers. The Brick, with only support from the Brick Baby iPhone, went 3 out of 12. The Brick was quite upset tonight without her Brick Baby backup because the ladies could have used the assistance, but she understands that she can’t make them all!

I think someone has a crush:


The Brick Baby’s mommy trying to teach her how to not be so adorably cute. This is an impossible task…

buffs-brick-brick-baby-seat-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-seat-2

Oregon vs The Brick

Big home win today against a big quacking team. The bench couldn’t have been more supportive with their 45 points. Josh Scott put up 17 points and pulled down 11 rebounds for his 4th consecutive double-double. He was even named the Pac 12 player of the week. The Brick’s contribution was 2 out of 7.

Chip might get a successful high five from the Brick Baby next season:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-chip-high-five buffs-brick-brick-baby-chip-high-five-2

Oregon State vs The Brick

With their shut down defense, the Buffs dammed up the Beavers to cruise to a 71-54 win. Gordon scored 12 points and brought down 14 rebounds, making him only 4 blocks away from an epic triple double. The silliness of the game being as late as 9 pm meant that the Brick Baby was sleeping peacefully at home. Alas, The Brick went 2 out of 5.

Summertime was a natural at Brick propping:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-summer-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-summer-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-lindsay

Utah vs The Brick

Even though the King tossed up a whopping 21 points, and the Buffs were up by 9 points late in the game, the Utes managed to slip back to barely win at 56-54. Mommy had to handle the Brick Baby and The Brick all on her own, perhaps due to an unavoidable lack of family team support. The Brick went 0 out of 3. We had to console her at home because she couldn’t help but think how the game might have gone if she had forced just one brick. Even worse, the poor Brick Baby had a total freak out meltdown as she exited the game at the half, sprawling on the ground not willing to get back up. Don’t worry Brick Baby, you’ll get ’em next time.

After the Buffs’ away defeat of Penn State they are now 11-1. This ties their best start ever. Congrats!!!

buffs-brick-brick-baby-silver-ball-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-silver-ball-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-sleeping-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-sleeping-2

Nicholls State vs The Brick

Star Wars night. Chip had his Stormtrooper getup on and fought a young Darth Vader with light sabers. The Force was strong with the Buffs tonight with yet another solid win this season of 85-68.  It was a pretty typical slow first half as we were down at halftime, but also a very typical rocking 2nd half as the Buffs blew it wide open. Tad seems to be a pro at halftime adjustments. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dunks in one game!

The Buffs’ quality, cohesive play continues. Their record is now sitting at 9-1. Their only loss was their season opener against Iowa St who was ranked 7th in the nation at the time. It was only a 6 point deficit. Time to rank the Buffs dangnabbit!

Sadly no Brick Baby appearance tonight (sad face). Alas, Unkle Markie went solo to prop up the The Brick as it conjured up 6 out of 10 missed free throws. Furthermore, the sweeeet students chanted “Brick Baby!!!” to simulate her presence.

Since the Brick Baby couldn’t attend, here is a vintage shot of her and her being chased down by her monster fathead:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-home buffs-brick-brick-baby-poster-back-2buffs-brick-birck-baby-poster-back

Lovely Leah showing The Brick some well deserved affection:


Brigham Young vs The Brick

Colorado topped a good BYU team tonight at 92-83. The Brick went 1 out of 6. This post is being kept short due our continued marveling over Eli Stalzer’s wonderful performance singing the National Anthem with a group of guys!

You can’t make grandma happier than this:


Madman Matt covering his fly that’s down and then showing off his excellent Brick mounting ability:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-matt-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-matt-1

Colorado State vs The Brick

What a game. We went up 9-2 with 3 three-pointers right off the bat, but were down by 13 at the half. Yet again Tad pulled off some magic in the locker room guiding the Buffs to beat the Rammers 88-77 on their home court.

The Brick wasn’t directly used due to being conservative about a potentially drunk Rammer attacking the iconic box. The Brick was left in the car outside of the arena and all it took was her presence to cause some big honking bricks in the game.

Colorado State’s fight song sounds ridiculously similar to ours so we chanted along with them with our own version, “Buck them up, buck them up, go CU!”

The tip-0ff ensued to a be scramble on the floor that became a jump ball. Neither team ever had possession, but they gave CSU the rock. What Rammers. I don’t care what the rules say…

Also, they have silly billy fans. At the beginning of the game they scored first but everyone kept standing. They proceeded to sit down immediately after we scored. Um, backwards??

buffs-brick-brick-baby-csu-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-csu-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-csu-3 buffs-brick-brick-baby-csu-4

Northern Colorado vs The Brick

The Buffs had to plug their noses to avoid the overwhelming stink from UNC to cow tip them with a 82-52 destroyer’s win. The Brick went a bountiful 3 out of 4 forced bricks against a team that up to this point had an 80% free throw record. With 23 seconds left in the game, Josh Repine closed the big win out by cashing a 3 pointer swish.

buffs-brick-brick-baby-102 buffs-brick-brick-baby-106

Here we have Susan and Jake, the wife and son of longtime CU Buffs broadcaster Mark Johnson:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-susan-and-jake-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-susan-and-jake

Air Force vs The Brick

Air Force came into Coors with a 3-1 record, but The Brick went a bricktastic 7 out of 10 as the Buffs take care of business with a 81-70 win. Following the game, a fan came up to say how much she loved seeing the Brick Baby held up all the while enjoying her Cheerios.

Nephew Ben was hand selected to participate in the Chip dance off. After beating out the other two kids, he then took on Chip mano-a-buffaloe. Chip succumbed to Ben’s fluid dance methodology. Ben’s award was a priceless silver ball.

Victory photo:


Omaha vs The Brick

I don’t know about you, but The Brick family royally hates Nebraska. Omaha is no exception. We were not happy when the Buffs were down by 10 at the half. That was nothing though, as they came back to win it 87-82 with the help of The Brick going 3 out of 8.

The Brick Baby Googling herself:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-glued-to-the-phone buffs-brick-brick-baby-unkle-markie-chip

To his huge embarrassment, Uncle Lancelot lives in Omaha:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-lance buffs-brick-brick-baby-lance-2

Portland vs The Brick

With her new, one size up skirt and cheerleader outfit, the Brick Baby had sufficiently trained over the off season to cause a very respectful 4 out of 10 bricks as the Buffs opener rocked a 85-63 win.

King also displayed some off-season growth as he ripped it up for 18 points. Fortune showed some mad skillz as well, especially when he forced 2 turnovers in a row within 1 minute, both which he capitalized on with a hoop.

The start of this season marks The Twins celebration of their 91st birthday! They’re still sharing and caring.


The day before this game the Buffs Buzz sent out a promotional newsletter that included the Brick Baby. 11 Things I Think About Before The CU Men’s Basketball Home Opener

#4.) When will I get to see Brick Baby make her first appearance?


Womens Loyola Marymount vs The Brick

The Brick Baby made her 2nd season debut today, as well as supporting the women’s team for the first time. The Brick and Brick Baby team went 5 out of 17 as the ladies rambled to a solid 92-81 win.

The Brick Baby can now speak a few (short) full sentences. We believe we may have heard her yell “You Go Girls!” but we didn’t get it on tape. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll end up playing for them?

Here’s to celebrating her first brick of the season: @CUBuffsWBB


Gardner-Webb vs The Brick

Colorado performed swimmingly in the first round of the College Basketball Invitational. Stalzer and Miller put up the points, and Scott had yet another great game as the Buffs win 87-78. The Brick and Brick Baby went 1 out of 4.

Awesome Buffs fans made Brick Baby action dolls!

buffs-brick-2 buffs-brick-1 buffs-brick-4 buffs-brick-3

Oh my goodness! The Brick Baby was standing on her own! She’s growing up so fast…


I’m not sure who is the cutest. POPS, G-Ma, or the Brick Baby?


Arizona State vs The Brick

The Sundevils weren’t evil enough tonight to beat the Buffs (87-81). Fantastic way to end the regular season, Buffs! We say farewell to Askia Booker, who chalked up a whopping 29 points. Ski Ski, all the best to you and your future. The Brick power team bricking rocked it tonight by going 5 out of 11, including forcing two technical foul missed free throws in a row by ASU’s best free throw shooter.

Fun times with the new Brick Baby T-shirts:


Chip wielding the Brick Baby fathead:


Click on image to see a little Daily Camera love:


Arizona vs The Brick

A great showing of fans made it out tonight, roughing the snowy weather. But the Buffs had to rough out the weather on the court. They couldn’t mesh together well enough to fight off the No. 7 Wildcats (54-82). Those fellas really played their hearts out the entire game. The Brick and the Brick Baby managed to go only 1 out of 8. Whatcha gonna do…..defeat ASU on Sunday, baby!

Tonight they honored Mr. Chauncey Billups. Go #4.

buffs-brick-7 buffs-brick-8

The good ol Daily Camera captured a shot of the Brick Baby poking her tongue out. Kevster is in the process of writing the script for a very artistic and posh movie that will be called “3 Brothers and a Baby”. He is reserving all film rights.


Chip, Chip, Chip!

buffs-brick-10 buffs-brick-11

Heck yeah, student strip tease for bricks! And go Brick Baby fathead for bricks!

buffs-brick-12 buffs-brick-13

Where would The Brick and the Brick Baby be without the love of POPS and G-Ma? The Brick family loves you most!!!

buffs-brick-14 buffs-brick-brick-baby-grandma-grandpa


Stanford vs The Brick

Solid Buffs win tonight against the Cardinals (64-58) as The Brick went 1 out of 5. Stanford had a lot of sap on them tonight, but sappy or not the Buffs would’ve beaten them. Super mad props to all of the very loud students, and especially to the student who was dashingly dressed in a pink suit, and wearing a hardcore golden helmet with horns. This fella was also waving a 30 foot CU flag.

Baby Avery and the Brick Baby are best friends:


The Twins’ doppelganger magic + the Brick Baby = Buffs winning!


California vs The Brick

Great to see XJ, Booker, and Scott out on the floor, but not sure if any of them are fully healed up. This was a game of ‘what if’. The Buffs were down by 10 late in the 2nd half, but ripped it up to come all the way back to within 2 points. Josh Scott, who had a great game, had a chance to tie it up with a baseline jump shot that just barely bobbled out. What a ‘what if’! After that, the game was sealed up by the (fake gold) Golden Bears. But Buffly Cow, the Buffs had a ton of huge swats, although it just wasn’t enough. The Brick didn’t help enough as she went 1 out of 4 as the Buffs lost 61-68. The crowd really rocked it tonight and the student section was not only loud, but really loud. The Katy Perry super bowl halftime show whale was there, working its non-choreography skills to get some missed free throws.

“Where is the Brick Baby!!!??” hollered a CU fan.

“She is sick!” Markie yelled back.

“Her power is needed!” the POPS yelled back.

Alas, even though the Brick Baby was reared up to go to the game, she just couldn’t make it tonight because she was under baby weather. Unkle Markie was on his way to enjoy a very delicious meal with POPS and G-Ma when he learned that the Brick Baby couldn’t make it, and neither could Daddy B or Momma J because they needed to take care of her. So Markie had to make an emergency pick up of The Brick and the Brick Baby’s skirt in hopes that the skirt would have some power on its own to offer. Perhaps provide some of the Brick Baby’s presence. G-Ma was a bit upset that Markie cared more about getting The Brick than enjoying the more-than-delicious dinner she had cooked. Markie owes G-Ma one.
The Brick did its best to distract the Cal-Bears with the Brick Baby’s skirt as her aid. POPS is a 30+ year old fan of the CU Buffs. And also happens to recently be looking more and more like a skinny version of Santa Claus:

buffs-brick-18 buffs-brick-19

All snuggled up!

buffs-brick-brick-baby-stuffed-animal-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-stuffed-animal-2

Utah vs The Brick

The Buffs beat the Utes at home the previous two seasons, but not today. The Brick went 4 out of 11 as the Buffs lost 51-79 to the 13th best team in the nation. Josh Scott was back on the court, hopefully his back spasms didn’t bug him too much. We’ve been missing XJ and dang nabbit, now Booker is out with hip problems. All of the injuries this year have been pretty painful.
Speaking of injuries, G-Ma just had shoulder surgery, but that didn’t stop her from making it out to support the Buffs:


And oh yeah, we need a healthy dose of the Brick Baby:

buffs-brick-21 buffs-brick-22 buffs-brick-23 buffs-brick-24 buffs-brick-25 buffs-brick-26

Washington State vs The Brick

The Brick and her Brick Baby performed with excellency as they went 5 out of 9. Multiple injured starters didn’t stop the Buffs from giving a slam down to the un-scary Cougars (90-58). Enuff said…
Tory Miller personally handed the Brick Baby a T-shirt at the end of the game! You rock Tory!
Yes, The Brick wants us to be this dorky, so here is a TV screenshot of the power pair:


Even dorkier, here are some photos of photos:

buffs-brick-28 buffs-brick-29

Washington vs The Brick

Yet another heartbreaking 2 point loss this year (50-52). The Brick went 1 out of 4 as the Buffs lost due to a last second shot by the Huskies.

The Brick Baby couldn’t help with her cute brick-instilling powers because the game was just a tid past her bedtime. Well, The Brick and the rest of her crew did their best to support the Buffs. Markie forgot to wear a CU T-shirt, but luckily caught a shirt thrown by a cheerleader before the game started. A change of clothes immediately insued. During one of the Huskies’ free throws, Markie teamed up with The Brick by simply yelling ‘Waka waka waka!’ repeatedly to cause a big fat brick. Kevster spied a 3 second lane violation by Washington and screamed like crazy at the refs to make the call. The ref did promptly blow his whistle after Kevster’s boisterousness. Kevster proceeding to get even more wild by nearly getting ejected for running onto the floor to argue for goaltending. During Washington’s 2nd half free throws, in the first row of the student section, Jake went nuts with the Brick Baby’s fathead. Thanks Jake!

The Brick appears to really be going international as of late. Here is supastar Patrycja from Poland showing her support of the Buffs and The Brick:


Joshua and Boba sporting some Baby Brick power:


UCLA vs The Brick

How brick-tastic!!! The CU staff pulled through and made a fathead of the Brick Baby!!! The Brick Baby can now hound opponents during both halves of every game!!! The Brick went a rocking 3 out of 5 in a beautiful defeat of the Bruins (62-56).

Many thanks to Jake (the fella wearing the black baseball cap backwards) of whose idea it was to make a fathead of the Brick Baby and did what it took to make this a reality:


The fathead of the Brick Baby scored a big fat brick on its very 1st free throw in the 2nd half!!! Can you see her in action in this photo? Not to mention Chip surfing the student crowd…


University of Northern Colorado vs The Brick

The Brick went 2 out of 8 in the Buffs 93-68 romp of UNCO. The Brick Baby made her presence known and was even given recognition in a tweet by Colorado Basketball (@CUBuffsMBB). During the game, the CU staff came over and took a photo of the Brick Baby and informed us that they would try to make a fathead of her. The Brick is crossing her concrete fingers in the hopes of a forthcoming CU student waving the Brick Baby’s big, cute, brick-happy face. You can learn more about the Brick Baby HERE and follow her on Instagram at CUBrickBaby.

The Brick Baby enhancing The Brick’s effectiveness:


Colorado State vs The Brick

The Brick went 3 out of 9 in a down-to-the-wire loss to the Rammers. With CU behind by 3 points and only 2.2 seconds left in the game, Big X got fouled on a layup that barely bobbled out. Thus, a potential And One that would’ve sent the game into overtime was foiled as the Buffs lost a heartbreaker at 60-62.
The Brick’s Auntie Kimbra making her first appearance! She’s alongside The Brick’s 3 all-star nephews, a couple of the Baby Bricks, the Brick Baby, and Daddy B:


We need some more Kimbra and Brick Baby!

buffs-brick-36 buffs-brick-37 buffs-brick-38 buffs-brick-39

San Francisco vs The Brick

The Brick gets very testy when she isn’t put to work. The Buffs didn’t send San Fran to the line once in the 1st half. The Brick’s attitude did pick back up in the 2nd half when her mounting unit screamed “Briiiiiiiick!!!” to help cause a successful brick off the right side of the rim. Yes, The Brick’s force can carry all the way down to the other end of the court. The Buffs made the Dons look like Duds with their 72-55 win.
New Buffs and Brick fans from Germany and Venezuela:


Arizona vs The Brick

Nothing like going 7 out of 10 against the 4th ranked team in the nation. Go Brick! Problem was, Colorado took 10 minutes in the first half to score a field goal. While they climbed back to within 4 points early in the 2nd half, they proceeded to allow AZ to blow it wide open. CU lost 61-88. Doh!
Meet Little Alexis, the new addition to The Brick’s family. Boy, does she know how to match with her hand-made brick dress!


Uh oh, not sure how Little Alexis feels about this!


Little Alexis isn’t too thrilled with her awesome seat:


Little Alexis is still a little uneasy about being in The Brick:


Little Alexis is now getting used to The Brick. We think that one day she’ll learn to love it:


Arizona State vs The Brick

The Brick made its debut with its new, shiny interior. The entire inside is now loaded up with golden duct tape. She’s not only stronger, but now prettier. She went 2 out of 7 as the Buffs took a 61-52 win. The crowd was super electric. Was that partially due to The Brick’s spectacular new interior? 🙂
Pre-game photo of Markie all antsy to test out the new, bootyful Brick:


Washington vs The Brick

CU more than bounced back after a crushing loss earlier this season to Washington the night that Spencer Dinwiddie suffered his season ending injury. When the Huskies went to the free throw line, The Brick’s propping mechanism yelled, “Hey Mike, you left the dishes in the dishwasher! Your girlfriend is mad at you! Mike, you gotta unload the dishwasher!!!” The Brick sadly still went 0 out of 5, but the Buffs didn’t need her as they absolutely crushed Washington. This was their biggest victory ever in the Pac 12 (91-65).

Kevster and UnKle B showing off The Brick’s 10 year old paint job:


USC vs The Brick

This was a revitalizing huge win (83-62) after losing to UCLA at home. The proof is in the pudding that while Dinwiddie is sorely lost, our team can kick butt with or without him. CU wants some butts! The entire Buffs team made it clear to The Brick that her 0 out of 4 was just fine, because they didn’t need her help that night, so that cheered her up.
UnKle B getting all hardcore:


Oregon vs The Brick

Sadly, The Brick’s grandpa suffered a heart attack a few days ago. With the knowledge that POPS is still in the hospital recovering, The Brick knew that this game was vital for boosting his spirits. While The Brick couldn’t personally help, going 0 out of 5, the Buffs knew they needed to take care of business for POPS. They defeated the 10th ranked team in the nation by hitting the century mark! That 100 to 91 victory hurts, doesn’t it, Duckies?! The next day we were ranked 15th in the nation with a 13-2 record!
That game was for POPS:


Kansas vs The Brick

This was literally the best game ever. Super literally.
Ben Mills was one of the heroes of the game, and of course so was Booker with his buzzer beater 3 pointer from way down town. CU avoids overtime and wins it 75-72. The crowd and The Brick (who went 50% at 3 out of 6) rushed the court and went totally ape. Amidst the chaos, Josh Scott saw UnKle B holding up The Brick, and pushed through the crowd to get to him for a high five!
You can watch some highlights of the game HERE or check out how CU’s buzzer beater made it into the College Basketball (2013-2014) Highlights.
Tons of Baby Bricks were made for this big game, most of which were handed out to the entire front row of the student section to help nail some bricks in the 2nd half:

buffs-brick-56 buffs-brick-57 buffs-brick-58

UnKle B rushing the court with The Brick on ESPN:


Celebrate good times, come on!


Ski Ski Ski!


Arizona State vs The Brick

The Brick didn’t even have one opportunity to help the Buffs as ASU didn’t shoot a single free throw in the first half. In a heartbreaker, the Sun Devils put down a layup with 1 second left to go up by one point for the win (62-63).

Bailey is The Brick’s favorite CU doggy fan. He always takes long naps prior to CU games so that when he watches the game he has plenty of energy to go doggy wild for the Buffs. He barks 3 times really loud every time CU cashes a 3-pointer.


Arizona vs The Brick

As The Brick went 2 out of 4, the Buffaloes trampled the No. 9 ranked Arizona Wildcats with authority (71-58). In the 2nd half, The Brick’s mission was backed up by the student that dresses up as Halo. His strip tease during AZ’s free throws was greatly appreciated. This win was pure, unadulterated vengeance after the Buffaloes supposedly ‘lost’ to Arizona on their home court with their stupid home refs.
Really this was the Buffs 2nd win this year against AZ, after Chen cashed that 3 pointer with 0.1 seconds on the clock. Need proof?


The Buffs are now “The Hunted!”