Stanford vs The Brick

Hotness tonight with a big 91-75 win. The Brick went a brickin’ 6 out of 13 and the Brick Baby earned her first “Air Brick” from the Standford Tree’s Michael Humphrey. It can’t feel good when you fall inches short from the rim on a wide open free throw. Daha. A pack of kids got to each hold up The Brick. They must be eating their Wheaties because they lifted it up like it was light as a feather. Fortune (21 points) and King (23 points) charged the way for the Buffs. This duo appear to enjoy a lot of simultaneously great nights. Tory Miller helped a lot by putting down 12 points.

Addie & Mike reppin’ it up:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-mike-and-addie-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-mike-and-addie-2

Nowadays the Brick Baby says “Go Buffs” on a daily basis:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-air-horn buffs-brick-brick-baby-big-fam-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-buff-stuffed-animal buffs-brick-brick-baby-thumb

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