California vs The Brick

The CREATOR of The Brick blessed us with his presence this afternoon!!! His vintage brick-inhibiting style helped boost the Buffs to a 70-62 win. After starting out with a nightmarish 1 out of 19 from the field, the Buffs pulled themselves together in Dream Team fashion. The Brick went 3 out of 9.

Davis was the inspirational CREATOR of The Brick. He is the youngest sibling of The Brick family who flew in from out of town. He is the one that painted this cardboard box back in the grandparent’s garage in 2003:

20160131_155346 20160131_165255

Brick Baby promo video to be blasted on the jumbotron in a future game to push the sale of legacy bricks:

20160131_171649 20160131_171859 20160131_171706

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