Washington State vs The Brick

The first “highlight” of the night came with George King’s high octave scream when he thought he had thrown a long baseline pass away too high, but it was brought down by Fortune. Later on King cashed a fadeaway 3 pointer that tied it up to send them into the 3rd overtime. He could’ve screamed again after making that difficult shot. The Buffs went on to win in an utterly exciting fashion at 88-81. The Brick went 3 out of 8.

Uncle Kevster’s friend Jeff was out-n-about to rip up some bricks:


Brick Baby pajamas theme:

buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-1 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-2 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-3 buffs-brick-brick-baby-pajamas-4

Boy can that girl dunk. Future Buffs basketball playa here!


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