Arizona vs The Brick

9th ranked AZ played great tonight, yet sadly for them the Buffs outplayed them. Our herd trampled over them to a 75-72 victory. Whiner Sean Miller got to watch how his team simply couldn’t stop Scott, as he finished with a season-high 26 points. The Buffs didn’t even need the help of The Brick as she only went 2 out of 9.

Yeah, a court storming! Which is what big cry baby Mr Miller complained about. (Click on image to enlarge)


Our new friend Lindsey is a Development Associate in the athletics department and she approached the Brick Baby parentals to see if they’d like to support the Legacy Brick campaign by starring the Brick Baby in the promo video. Click here to secure your spot in the legacy! Here’s what played on the jumbotron:

Meet Dan The Man, who happened to be the Dance-Off winner:


POPS soaking up the big win:


Daily Camera printscreens. Click on to see their captions!

buffs-brick-brick-baby-AZ-josh-scott buffs-brick-brick-baby-strip-tease


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