Arizona’s Coach vs The Brick

Arizona’s coach is a douchebag. Outlined in this article titled “Court-storming a party whose time has passed” is about how

Arizona coach’s whining after Colorado upset them last year when the fans rushed the court led to the lame decision of the Pac-12 CEO group to ban court storming (and football field rushing) by fining the host school if a court is rushed in the next season.

“This past season Arizona coach Sean Miller was vocal on the subject, and not for the first time, following the incident-free emptying of the CU student section immediately after the Buffs’ victory against the ninth-ranked Wildcats.”

Miller is a sappy, poor loser. I wonder how much his players whined in the lockerroom after that loss to CU. Maybe only Miller was crying like a baby….

The first offense will fine CU $25,000 followed by fines of $50,000 and $100,000 for subsequent infractions. I say let’s forward the bill to hoser Miller.

“CU coach Tad Boyle hasn’t wavered in his belief that court-storming is a significant and memorable idiosyncrasy of the college game.” Yeah, Tad!! The Brick will forever miss diving in with the students after a big win.


Here is the dooosh:

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