The Brick vs Xavier

W, 68-66
The Buffs take the 13th ranked team down.
The Brick has come out of therapy from the CSU game and returned with a vengeance. She started the night off with 3 biiiig bricks, one hitting the back of the iron and skyrocketing above the backboard, the other two were nasty shanks to the right of the rim. And CU won by 2 points…..hmm, a victory due to the Brick? You do the math!
The Brick went 3 out of 5
White showed up big……Xavier got 18 points. Xavier defeated Xavier!
White finished with 23 points and six rebounds, Johnson had 18 points and seven rebounds and King recorded his third double-double in the last six games, a 16-point 10-rebound effort.
Hannah and John Rice showing how to handle the Brick.

Mateusz was Kevin’s friend

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