Meet Bailey. He is Chip’s sidekick.

buffs-brick-puppy-4 buffs-brick-puppy-1

Did you hear that? Bailey just barked to ask you “Hi there, will you play with me?” Maybe he’s not talking about playing basketball with him, but he is one hell of a CU doggy fan. He loves watching CU games…almost as much as he loves treats. He enjoys watching the games from the comfort of his doggy bed at home, while wrapped up in his favorite CU Buffs blankie. He really gets canine crazy when the Buffs games go down to the wire, when he roots for them in a hectic jumping all over the couch. He always barks 3 times whenever the Buffs cash a 3-pointer.

After one of the games POPS allegedly snuck back into the staff room and swiped a golden ball. Whether this accusation is true or not, a new golden ball randomly happened to be extensively played with. Bailey loves playing a good, long round of fetch. Then following that he loves a nice relaxing nap before waking up to cheer on the Buffs.

buffs-brick-puppy-2 buffs-brick-puppy-3  buffs-brick-puppy-5  buffs-brick-puppy-7  buffs-brick-puppy-9 buffs-brick-puppy-10 buffs-brick-puppy-11

Meet Ruby. She is another one of Chip’s sidekicks, as well as Bailey’s girlfriend.

buffs-brick-puppy-12 buffs-brick-puppy-13 buffs-brick-puppy-14 buffs-brick-puppy-15

Here are their friends Ivan and Betsy. They’ve been CU fans since puppies.

buffs-brick-puppy-16 buffs-brick-puppy-17